Blade 2

now on c. 4

Great film

First one was better, much more climat…

I just came back from the cinema , watched “Underworld” - no match for “Blade”

I thought Blade 2 was a damn good sequel, and considering that sequels are rarely better than the original (Underworld Evolution likewise) I still watch it regularly. I think Mr. Goss plays a good villian too.

The girlie vampire in it…

gives me the fookin’ horn she does!

thanks for that Pete, my ‘mental image’ function was empty up to that point.

Liked the bit where he got the guy and put his head next to the wheel of the bike, made me cringe!

saw the first one with a group of mates including big black bodybuilder mate of mine that figured he was ‘wes’ when we rocked out of the cinema

his kick in the air proved he most certainly was not, and landed on his arse infront of everyone who had also just seen the film

laughed so hard a little pee came out…


Now that I’d have paid to see.