Blackwall Tunnel

What the hell happened today, i gave up and went home, i heard two reports one saying a broken down Lorry and the other saying an accident.

Ok so they had to shut it but why couldnt they have made the south bound one down to one lane and let the north bound traffic use one side of it.


I heard it was a diesel spill in the tunnell from a broken down lorry - I came off at Blackheath and went to town via the Old Kent Road etc

Ah, missed it all as I came down the A13. Well I got so far before I broke the throttle cable anyway.

I have colleagues who get in by coach from the Medway towns. The lucky ones got turned round and came over via the Datford crossing. Some got stuck in coaches in the tunnel and had to wait for the traffic behind ot clear before they could reverse out and then go to the Dartford Crossing.

It was a diesel spill all the way through the tunnel. It reopened at 09.45 or there abouts, was stuck near the front of the queue for about an hour

They managed to cover it in grit which got kicked up by the cars etc… so was like driving through a sandstorm, Nice !!

Was in exactly the same situation as you Bob… Bloody horrible stuff when you breath it in that grit dust!

It’s fine now if that helps :smiley: Just been through it… no idea where I came from, but I managed to find home, which was nice :slight_smile: