Blackwall Tunnel south approach

Does anybody know why every day for weeks now there is alot of visible police presence on the South approach or is this just the new social meet up place for local plod?

they are purely there to target lorries coming and going through the tunnel,that is why poxy VOSA are there all the time as well :slight_smile:

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That bbc stuff is crap ! is not a coincidence that is also a way they can trap truck drivers coming and going from one of the busiest tips in the area ? and if is just to stop delays why are VOSA there all the time ?

The tunnel team are funded by TfL. They are there because of the numerous drivers, mainly LGV drivers, who are incapable of reading the numerous signs informing them of the height restrictions in the north bound tunnel. These drivers have a tendancy to have a cavalier attitude the other legislation relating to their vehicles such as drivers hours and the weight limit for their vehicles. Luckily enough there is a weighbridge in Tunnel Avenue so it’s quite natural for VOSA to take an interest in what goes on down there and use their expertise to remove overweight and defective vehicles from the road,as well as those whose drivers have exceeded their permitted hours.

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Good to know that measures are being taken very seriously at the tunnel to keep the roads safe.

why are the polls in the tunnel swinging wildly in the wind?

is that for truck drivers safety?

they are a height barrier measure …they are not fixed due to the nature of the tunnel curves and in the event of a severe circumstances … vehicles can be evacuated albeit with some roof damage… and if struck accidently they do not wedge the vehicle but give way again not withou knowing you have f*cked upremember first time i took a box wagon through there …OMG

that makes sence

I can easily believe the amount of closures.

I had to do some work in the Blackwall control room a while ago. Was only there 30 mins and the same foreign lorry closed the tunnel twice. First time other car drivers had to get out and tell the driver that he was causing the closure. He pulled off the side slip and off he went. 5 mins later the same arse is back trying to get through the tunnel again…