am bored s**tless…am going for a drive up to blackheath now… nice cuppa

Do you have any idea of the time mate

I would join you if I could

Da Artist

I bored as well…I am tempted to go

GOOOO!!! An early morning blast has to be one of the best ways to start your day… Plus what else do you have to do

I just came back. There was nobody there!!!
Apart from a few ambulance drivers and many many foxes jumping in front of the road. Crap…

And it was cold

joe dude…where the fook where you?

hi vas. Could have said hello. We at the table. Came up in the 4x4. Nice bike mate.

man…I was expecting you on a bike…
How should I know who you were

am with the wife and she not want to come on the bike. Tea is nice tonight. You not live far then. We live in battersea.

I thought the whole idea was to go on a ride

Being inside a warm car…its practically cheating… hehehe

Yeah I live in Surrey Quays. Damn full of foxes jumping on the roads though. Dangerous…

oh well perhaps Ill see you guys next time.

thanks for showing up anyway. We just ordered another cuppa.

what you guys are plugged into the matrix or something?

oh yeah…I am NOT coming back

dont need to work so am up all hours. Wife got dodgy leg so we come up in the car. Am on phone internet.

No worries amigo. I am sure we will meet soon since we live close.
Until next time. Take it easy


night night. See you soon . Was up the ace all day on bike so nice to come out in car. Come to cubana on wednesday night. Meet a few members. Am going off line now as friends are moaning .

Surrey quays? just across park i am.
Southwark pk rd am i.

Oh yeah it only quays to the new lot, docks to the others, lol.

and theres me thinking i said the word DRIVE…

that is a big clue, vask.

But in vask’s defence we are on a site called londonbikers not londoncardrivers so his presumption about taking the motorcycle was an apt 1.

Ok, i’ll stay out of it! lol

what ,this is not ? well slap me around the head for a while with a pair of 38dds…i will learn my lesson…eventually…

Well…ok…in my defense tho…the words ride and drive are pretty much interchangable. And anyways, I didnt need much encouragement to get on my bike at 3:00 am.

Where were you Gsxr rocker? I didnt see you last night Shall I make another assumption that you ride a Gsxr 600/1000?

I do see sometimes a couple of people with these kind of bikes at the local Surrey Q…eee…docks Tesco.