Blackheath tonight

I’ll be there…:smiley:


ill be coming past on my V-rod muscle about 7.30…give me a wave!! :slight_smile:

give us a toot!!!


on standby! :smiley:

Wednesday’s tomorrow.
Just packed my bike in, not going out today no more, stuff to do.

Will be around tomorrow

Good luck Shane on the heath :slight_smile: I hope to catch up at the Xmas bash - I fondly remember last year:cool:

At home and staying there

i am sure he found plenty of company behind the trees not to need any of us there :slight_smile:

He did a ‘Billy no mates’ what a loser :laugh:

If there’s anyone in need of a Cuunt Punt…you are the one plum…:unsure:


Blackheath is soooo common, gimme the ace, warmth and a cuppa anyday :slight_smile:

Where was you big dawg? I hooted…then felt like a nob as no-one was there! :frowning:

you should have looked the other way behind the trees, i am sure the BOYS would wave back

TBF…i stayed 10 mins…realised it was fuucking tuesday…then went home like a cuunt…:smiley:

embaressing loner toots are excused bud…asking someone if its weds and they laugh at you…just fuucking wrong dude…


modern phones have a calendar, you know.
It even shows the current day, might want to try it out.

You may still be a [email protected], but makes you at least look less like one…

It may surpass that long crout Frankenstien forehead of yours…that i left my phone at home by accident…?

Why in the mother of god in all thats holy would i not peruse my very intellegent Iphone that gives me the date/time/month/year/the fuucking time jimmy chong manufactured the bastard thing

in 6ft by fuucking 12ft bastarrd letters and numbers if i had had it upon my person…???

Srsly…plz…stfu or gafnfh…!!!


18H37 is when u posted it which would be, hazard a guess, from a phone or pc :Whistling:

both of which could give you a clue of what day it is/was :pinch:


Sorry Shane, I do forget sometimes that you’re quite dense

we’ll take this to blackheath so i can call you a ****…!!!


You need to forget I Phones and have a proper paper calendar and diary which tells you the days of the week. It may also help to recite them every day so they stick in your memory, like as follows: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday :slight_smile: If you recite them every day then you’ll soon learn which day is Wednesday and avoid hanging around bored and alone with a few oddballs and dirty old men on a dark common late at night dressed in a leather cat suit :slight_smile: Good luck mate!!! We can test you at the Christmas party!!!

(BTW - another useful tip - this also applies to things like Sat Navs and maps and avoids getting directed into rivers because the Sat Nav tells you etc).