Blackheath tonight..very proud to be an LBer

Best practice is to stop them from moving and advising them, but if they start jumping around and refuse to sit still then you may cause more damage by trying to restrain them! :satisfied:

Certainly I imagine you would Nat ^ hehe

wow, what a place for that to happen!
in his bad luck it couldnt have happened in a better place!
well done people, i wouldnt be expecting you lot to react in any other way to be honest :slight_smile:

As it happends, the guy was a trai ed fire fighter on his way to work. So in all circumstances like silver said, couldn’t of happend in the best possible way.

Bet he’s fun king stiff as a board this morning!!


Just a quick update guys - submitted all the pictures I got over to the biker, should be a breeze on the insurance side of things with all the evidence we got.

Hope he gets everything sorted out quickly and smoothly :slight_smile:

Ross & Me arrived after it had happened ,

The Rider was already being looked at by the Medics .

The driver was being delt with by the Police ,

A random Councel Road team stopped and Cleaned up all the broken glass ( and most of the guys broken bike bits ) which a few of you went over and rescued back from them .

The Driver was Taken Away for being over the Limit ( Damn Drunken Barstuard cager )

The rider was waiting in the Ambulance till the AA arrived to take his bike home for him, but got out and came back to his bike, were loads of ya went over to chat to him and get him a coffee.

The Rider was Luckly unluckey enough to get knocked off right there were the biggest bunch of Nice People just happen to be on a certain night of each week :smiley:

I think he did say he was finishing early next week and might stop by to say hi :slight_smile:

BIG WELL DONE to ya all for Quickly jumping in and sorting it all out.

Well done guys and girls it must have really helped the rider to know that there were so many people there to help instantly.

Just shows again that the biker community is something to be a proud member of.

I have been stopped at the side of the road a few times (usually lost and on my phone) and nearly everytime a biker has passed me they have turned and made sure all is ok.

Sounds like the rider had his guardian angel riding with him.

For every scum-bag drink driver that makes you lose a little bit more faith in humanity, there are kind, caring considerate people, who rush to the aid of a stranger that restore some of that faith.

Well done guys.

Wow wow wow :-o

Well done guys.

I remember seeing some accidents there before, its a notorious road.

GWS to the triumph rider

Blimey, well done to all the LBers

Wow glad he is okay .

Going through the car aint so bad if you do it right . I hit a VW corrado that jumped a red in glasgow . I went in through the drivers window kicking him in the head as I went . I then landed with my face buried in his girls crotch … I lay there for a bit … then I opened the passenger door and climbed out walked back round the other side and had a word with the driver . Then I got handcuffed and our conversation ended .

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

perhaps a good reason to undertake First Bike On Scene ?

you will find local ones sometimes incorporated with bikesafe

i’m booked in for a ‘biker down’ course at my local fire station on the 20th april for this exact reason

Well done to all the LB’rs that were there and gave a helping hand, big thumbs up to you guys

Hope the rider is ok and isn’t too sore after the adrenaline stopped

Any excuse to get the email address of a fireman, eh Plum?! :satisfied::stuck_out_tongue:

nice one! :smiley:

kin hell

well done you lot

I do what can for driver /rider relations :hehe:

well done guys :slight_smile: