Blackheath tonight..very proud to be an LBer

Well, interesting night indeed. Very glad i was with everyone when a biker went into the side of a car right in front of us…very lucky bloke indeed to walk away from it.

We all acted swiftly and competently in assisting the biker who flew into the air and ended up face down…there was carnage everywhere, and the triumph tiger was a complete mess…

while some were attending to the biker, others were directing traffic…photo’s being taken ect…was a real team effort…

i have never been prouder to be an LBer than i am tonight…awesome.

Turns out that the car driver who cut across the rider was tested positive for drink…fuucking bastard…

hope everyone got home safe.

Well done Shane and everyone else who helped out!

Lucky he had an audience!

Hopefully the cock who nearly killed him will get done accordingly

Wow. I missed an interesting night then!

Well done all. Glad the biker was okay too.

If he’d been on a sports bike he wouldn’t of been with us guys, thats the reality of it…that’s how bad it was…

now i’m home, i can’t get the image out of my mind of his body being tossed into the air like a rag doll…i seriouley thought he was just a body while he was lying there motionless…

jesus…scary stuff…

Shane I’ve been with Lb just under a year now, and never in a million years I thought something like that would happen so close.

Was glad to be around you guys and how everyone reacted instantly. Makes me glad to know I’m around a good bunch of people, and that I’m still to meet many more.

Now, soppy bollocks moment over and done with, back to being an Lb keyboard warrior.

Couldn’t say it better myself…

Mate when I saw his eyes half open not responding I shat myself. Then he replied with i’m ok and stood up. Fucking amazed that he walked away.

He’s a very lucky biker indeed! :wink:

I’m sure the driver will be dealt with accordingly. Nobody likes a drink driver! Amazing how the first person the driver spoke to was Bluestar, and pretty much said “It’s all my fault” to him. Funnier still that he was the only off duty copper amonst you all at the time! :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy:

Well done to all those who dealt with it. :slight_smile:

I think he was more shocked at the response of a dozen bikers ready to assist immediately.
Never seen anything like it, what a place for something like that to happen.:w00t:

Poor bloke, hope he’s OK.

Good effort to all who were there helping out. At least the driver didn’t escape by the sound of it.

Shane - why do you say if he was on a different bike it would have been worse? Just out of interest

Fecking hell! Didn’t make tonight as wasn’t feeling too great…only seen one other collision and it really hits you hard! well done guys! Bet he was so pleased to not only have witnesses but have the best bunch of people I’ve met in a long time around him as he came round from the shock!

Arrived just after the clear up and the rider being in the ambulance, but I reckon what shane means is that many riders on faster bikes do exactly that at that spot there, ride faster around that bend. And if it had happened at the speed many sport bikes go around there, it’ll probably be with a different ending

@ jets.

Well he was on a trumpet tiger…and he hit the rear passenger door at about 30 mph…the height of the bike definitely saved his life as if he were on a sports bike…he would have gone through the car…

and that would have been gruesome…

or that

I think it could be because he would have gone head first into the roof. and with the raked position of a sports bike I’d imagine there would definitely be some neck / spinal injury.

Though Shane’s logic is a bit mysterious so maybe he has another thought in mind…

Edit - looks like i’m late to the parade lol

Now there’s a good selling point lol!, in all seriousness, glad the rider was ok x

fair play to everyone there good job :)…i wonder if the downed rider will join here now and stop for a cuppa at the hut when he’s recovered and back on the road.

as for the driver i hope he shart himself when you all swarmed the scene and pays severely for his negligence…i can imagine exactly what bluestar was thinking to himself as he listened to the drivers confession :laugh:

also to passers by and witnesses it shows that bikers have the decency to help and lookout for each other :cool:…where as a average driver would just pass by rather than get involved…maybe slow down to have a good gawp :angry:

Blimey - sounds like an eventful night :w00t: Glad the biker is ok - and handy to have a few “unbiased” witnesses should he need them for the insurance case!

point of note for everyone; it doesn’t matter if the person thinks they’re ok, don’t let them move until the ambulance crew have seen them after a shunt like that

He didn’t want to stay down… I distinctly remember a few others telling him to stay down.