Blackheath tonight, hear wave technology

For those of you that frequent the Blackheath tea hut, Lewie from hear wave technology is scheduled to be there tonight to talk to you about their ear blockers and the like.

Please make him welcome, I know it’s cold but I’m sure there will be a few of you about drinking a cup of warm brown up there :wink:

Scheduled to be at a tea hut :doze:… Is business that bad!!!

Shame I have to go out with my work team :doze:
Those thingies seem to be good stuff!

Thanks for being so positive :angry:

He arranged with us to come and meet our members at our weekly meets to show off his products along with offering us a decent discount. He will be at Borough market again next Wednesday as it happens. And for the record he is actually very busy so the fact he is taking his personal time out to come meet us is great for us.

I would dearly love to come along to this, I keep getting unlucky with working when it’s organised :expressionless:

If i knew he was coming i’d of baked a cake .

It is in the calender as is next wednesdays meet at Borough Market.

So if you are interested then come along to BM on the 7th.