Blackheath to Waterloo - how long?

Hello all, I’m a complete newbie to biking - so much so that I haven’t actually bought my bike yet! Anyway, I’ll have one soon, but for the time being I was wondering if anyone could give me a decent estimate of how long it might take to scooter from Blackheath Village to Waterloo station, arriving 8:15 on a weekday morning? Is half an hour ambitious? Thanks

Half an hour should be alright. I’ve no idea what the traffic’s like there at that time of morning, though, so you might be affected by how well disposed to filtering you are.

If you filter yes, if not… then longer…:wink:

Will you be going up the A2 towards the Oval? The traffic can get pretty solid that way - I’d leave at 7.30ish if I were you.

Aiming to arrive at 8.15 is good. The earlier the better.
If you’re a new rider I suspect you will take 45 mins to an hour to start with and gradually get quicker as you get more confident filtering etc.
Just take it easy to start and you’ll never want to go back on public transport before you know :wink:
Also, do the ride at least ones in a weekend/evening when you don’t have to get to work. You’ll might get lost and you don’t want to get unnecessaraly stressed on your first commute.

I also recommend a dry run on quiet roads. Take your time you will get faster, but don’t get over confident. Commuting is an endurance sport, not a race.