Blackheath this evening


some folks are meeting up at Ace then going to Frith street iirc, anyone up to meeting at Blackheath, then venturing down to the Frith?
Or what your are plans? Ace then frith, only Blackheath, only Ace?


sorry, stuck in grindelwald, switzerland at the mo:D

What’s Frith Street ?

If you lot head up to Frith Street I might mosey on over…but will be in work wear…no bike as been drinking at lunch :smiley: and intend to carry on lol

when you ‘stuck’ are you able to move ? (with a scratched up bike)

Not me:D My bike is fine:D

It’s a street in Soho… Usual meeting place for bikers on a Friday. At least historically speaking…

Miss Plum I believe Frith Street is usually a late gathering point but I may be corrected on this :slight_smile:

Edit: Corrected the incorrect quotatio… not the post makes sense

That’s good for me :smiley:

so no one coming directly to the heath first, eh?
fine, shall venture home then, feed cats, F off to Ace then roll over to Frith… :stuck_out_tongue:

Its like billy no mates here

is no one up there?

No all he hankers must be under the thumb at home, saying that where is lou and smiled :slight_smile:

Ssssssssmashed here! Lol

Was too busy fitting new discs

im fucking knackard after the last few days…so staying in and watching a film;).


its ok dude we met up with real bikers at frith :slight_smile:

one of the oldest greek restaurants in london there, jimmy’s. not bad either.

Yeah, real ones without bikes!!:smiley:

Just don’t have the house wine… Paint stripper…