Blackheath then Chelsea bridge tonight?



Nahhhh meeting my dolly bird 1st for some dinner :wink: then the Ace :smiley:

may come down there, but gotta go home first, need to take a d…p and I hate office/public rest rooms, and feed me cats too :w00t:

what time will ya be there?

bout 8 mate;)


will probably be a bit later, won’t be home before 7 earliest, but yeah, shall pop down to our club house :w00t:

is that what time your getting there ?? ‘about 8’ or is that just a random time you chose??

See you there at 8

lol…i’ll be there by 8:D

gotta put Roo in the bath before i go out;)


Will be at Chelsea about 10

Just out of interest where abouts on the Chelsea bridge do you actually meet?

just south of the bridge mate you’ll pretty much see a green hut on your left soon as the metal work for the bridge ends i usually park on the right by the entrance to the park , i’ll be their about ten gonna go meet some of the cbc lot down at clapham for 8:)

I will meet u lot at the hut between 8 and 9 :smiley:

i’ll see you there about 8 ish matey, your buying

Who’s getting her out again???


he will sort that out when he gets home

good to see a few up the hut tonight

I wonder if they found the route ok from the teahut to CB lol


not with smiled leading they wouldnt,

can you imagine it lol

p.s. good to see the 2 wheels

I did wonder lol :w00t: and yes I can imagine :hehe:

Aww fanks!! Good to see you too :slight_smile:


oh we found the way with smiled leading, alright.

from there to another tea hut down the road somewhat, followed by frith street, with them heading off and Serrisan and me circling around TCR/Soho trying to find the way into Frith Street :w00t:

Was good fun this evening, absolutely :smiley:

I told you we weren’t circling… I was showing you the sights around Oxford Street :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Was a really good night and good to meet a few more faces in between the Ace, Chelsea Bridge, Clapham Tea Hut and Frith Street.

The only sour point in the evening was on my way back when stretch and I had stopped at some traffic lights (by Ripleys museum I believe in that tiny street off Picaddily) and I saw a girl slap a guy (who up to that point were having a discussion in a group of 4 but I recon it turned sour and offensive from what I could hear). He proceeded to slap/punch her and they rolled to the ground… I lost it and got off the bike and pushed the guy away and was very close to flooring him… I mean how stupid are these kids nowadays? I screamed at him: “You never hit a woman” and his argument was “she hit me first”… For **** sake!!! My blood is still boiling from that prat’s attitude and I’m sorry I could not stay at the scene longer but a few other guys were keeping them under control as I left and I seemed to have caused a bit of a queue as the lights had turned green…

Stretch - thanks for waiting for me at those lights… In my state I completely forgot to take the keys out of the ignition and anyone could have jumped on the bike and ridden off :blush: