I am sure a lot of you already know about the Tea Hut on BlackHeath, some of us were there last night but it was quite a poor turnout, with smiled, toby1chernobil, Tedibair and me, we were told by a few locals that Wednesday and Friday are their “busy” evenings.

Infact…not a lot happens on a Thurs.

Apparently, and this is what we were told, some interesting things happen there on Wed night, that are a bit more “hairy” than the stunts you normally see outside the Ace…hush hush…

So I am gonna check it out armed with my camcorder, and if any of you lovely people fancy a change for once from the Cubana to the Hut please post it here for Wed 16th August '06


lets see what happens - sorry could not make last night…

ahhh was gona go down, but emma was preparing for interview on friday so we decided to stay in.

if you get enough interest maybe could even change cubana to a different night

hows about meet at cubanna and head to the hut from there??

You know this may sound crazy but if you turn your bike to face the other direction it will head out of london and you can actually take your fingers off the clutch… and if you head out far enough some of the roads actually change direction with out a red light on it

whoah!! dont start swearing si…you’ll get moderated!!!

didnt you mention that some bikes turn to pumpkins if they leave the safe boundary of the M25!!!

i wouldnt risk it people!! stick to filtering through the traffic cues and stopping at the red lights!!

also in distant lands some say that flys commit suicide by flying into your bike!!

I’m for A cubana meet up then try out the HEath this WEdnesday if that’s a plan peolpe like, might find some new faces or just the same dirty one’s with a cheaper drink and a bacon butty,

i get there with the missus about ten on thursdays and the only ones there are regulars …

I’ll be there this Thursday!!

speaking of venturing outside the m25, i was in guildford on sunday in the car, I HAVET NOT SEEN RAIN LIKE IT

i thought the car was gona start floating down the river that should have been the hogs back

Blimey! This from a man from over the water…

Ive dug this thread from the grave!!:smiley: Does anybody still turn up here? I seem to be really bored Sunday evening, Mondays and Tuesdays every week! :hehe: I was up Blackheath tonight- A couple of 125’s and a handful of bikers having a cuppa by the tea hut. i suppose this place is dead after all!

I wouldnt mind meeting up considering the hut is so close to me,where does everyone park

Just opposite the hut on the other side of the road.

yeah i’d be up for this, a different day to the other meets will be good though, thursday/sunday etc, everything seems to happen wednesdays and fridays which are no good to me.
also wot about meet and then maybe to oakdene, could also try sun mornings.

ill have some of that its a 5 minute drive for me if in not working

Sunday evening sounds good. Nothing ever happens on a Monday or Tuesday for some reason! Wednesday evenings Im at BM, Thursday i finish work late, Friday is Ace night. Then working all weekend right up till 4 pm Sunday!

Anyone want to meet up tonight at the hut? around 7ish?