Blackheath Tea Hut

So which of you filth bags is be down the tea hut this evening for a brew? :cool:

Will be there around 7.

Me…me…chooooose…me, see you there:D

I will be blind stinking drunk celebrating the end of my exam season.

Two bottles of wine and a crate of 30 bottles of beer…should be just enough! :wink:

quite possibly, might be the last trip out on the SV :frowning:

i’ll be about for awhile

Should be there:)

Im going to Blackheath tonight, but… anyone know how to get there from Farnborough in Orpington?!.. il be having a few beers so it’s public transport for me :frowning: but on the upside… SUNNY WEATHER BEERS :D:D:D:D:D

Dont think you will get a bus from there to Blackheath:)

Yeah… looks asthough my only option is train and change at Lewisham… Hmmm… expensive shoes, watch and jeans put back in cupboard… out comes old jeans, half worn shoes and swatch watch :P;):P:D

I’ll be at Blackheath for a coffee, with my hot date, before hitting the A.C.E. :smiley:

oops, wont make tea hut for coffee now, been invited on a secret ride-out:P:P:cool:


Train to Lewisham then a sherbet?

so where is this damn shack again anyhow. Prob not but weather is ay-may-zing-a-ding-ting today!

So much for “pick meeee…meeeeee!” Fine go on your fancy pants special ride out, we’ll have a party without you.

Coming from the city head along the a2 past camberwell Peckham new cross keep going towards greenwich and you’ll see lots of grass either side that’s Blackheath.

Keep going forward you’ll see on your right a green tea hut with a slip road going right that it and either park along the road side or up on the gravel/grass patch.

I’m hoping to be down for a special guest appearance :smiley:

hahaha it ain’t that bad in Lewisham!

May try and stop by for a quick cuppa, cant be long though as I have to be drinking beer in bexleyheath for 8 :slight_smile:

Be on a yellow 954 blade.