Blackheath Rescue

I wanted to thank Ross and his dad for helping me out on Blackheath last night. It was much appreciated after a 12 hour shift.

Thanks. Take care.


why what happened ?

Alec was the guy with his VFR I think it was standing in the side waiting for the RAC, ran out of petrol. ross went to get some from esso when we were about to leave

hey no problem mate anytime XD

Yeah, No problem at all Alec .

See ya Sat there , and then walk by , and back,

Thought it best to check u were oK as we were all about to leave.


…VFR, I wish. Mine is a trusty old Deauville.

Good on you lads :slight_smile: glad everyone got home ok :slight_smile:

should have asked as while smileds recovery van was there, it had petrol in the back

With any luck there won’t be a next time, but I’ll ask.