Blackheath Missile Base?! Eek!

Another good reason not to go!! :w00t:

I’ll still go…plenty of men in uniform wandering around…I’ll be like a pig in the proverbial :wink:

You’er a trooper Plum. Always with your head down ahem

oh the fun one could have by arriving at BH in force and hijacking it :w00t:

Achim, don’t go getting ideas!

Plans on the other hand… :Whistling:

prob because in ww2 shooters hill was used as a look out for aircraft etc, if you go to the woods etc nrby you can still find tank defences etc.

So you shoot down a 747 over blackheath - where does all the debris end up?

Wonder if it will effect city airport?.. And how large the no fly zone will be??.. :ermm:

Thats probably why they have fenced off such a large area.

In my back garden! :crazy:

^^^ Scrap metal isn’t worth what it used to be :smiley:

Not true. The value of scrap metal is going through the roof. Ask the pikeys.

Would you notice:cool:

Its bullshit, designed to sustain the fear, so you, the cogs in the machine conform.

Besides, RAF Conningsby’s a 5 min hop from London. Typhoons would take out any air threat quickly enough. These missile batteries are just for show.

Keep calm & carry on.

Hey it’s a great show for the tourists during the games. shrug