Blackheath Invasion

So basically, who’s there tonight? :w00t:

working lates so might try get up for a cuppa early ish, otherwise will pop over after work , if i get off before before the tunnel shuts.

get the defences in place and i’ll re-enforce the flank herr Kapitan !!!

I’m gonna be there early!!! … to leave you a steaming turd by your precious hut!!! ATTACK!

i would if i could but i cant so i wont

bollox i got withdrawal need to get back on de bike:D

I will prob pass by at some point :slight_smile:

I’m 200 miles away - so that’s a no!!


not tonight my headrace bearings are fooked…not nice under braking or entering corners.maybe next week:)

ur soft :w00t::smiley:

well, I shall be leaving soon and make me way to the hut :w00t:

Well if I went at the speed of Shane and the gang I could set off now and be there by 7.30pm;)

ahem!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

where ya all :w00t: :blink:

Shhhhhhh :wink:

im going to have to pass this week but should show my face again next week have fun now…

I’m 1000 miles away and we got miss lake garda competition starting at 10pm so i’t’s a no from me too:D

Was it the bearings causing the handling probs you mentioned last week?

nope :stuck_out_tongue: think that may have been a combination of quick wrist and greasy corners :wink: drifting a vfr is a interesting new chain and sprox on and bearings being replaced soonish