Blackheath better than BMM

All you Borough market yuppies who love to pat each other on the arses and tell yourselves how great you are…please stay the fcuk from us at Blackheath…we do not want you to come over to bandit country…you will be ejected if seen…

we know who you are…and will be shunned…!! Blackheath is a better meet than BMM…we all know this is true…any females who venture over to our meet will be assaulteddddd…dddd…d.

that is all:D


oh bugger it, I really wanted to trade in my nice BM chilli chicken wrap and pint of draught budweiser for a crap cup of T in the windy shelterless gravel field whilst fully grown men all dribble over 1 girl hopelessly flirting and then arguing about it all week on the forum…

Please let me know when I can be in your gang…

HTH :stuck_out_tongue:

you pay your 6 fkin quid for a cup of frothy coffie…frothy coffie…doze:i’ll tell you what…tonight…take a deep breath and smell that sewage…MMmmmm…smells nice eh?..


I personally think we should meet in Sainsbury’s carpark in Streatham - plenty of space to park the bikes - cheap(ish) food and drinks fresh from the supermarket itself - lots of hot slummy mummy shoppers for the guys to dribble over and a few handsome car park attendants for the laydeez


yea but hels…we’re better places to park than BMM…?

make sure you keep the noise down tho…would’nt want to upset the neigbours:w00t:


And its so good that according to you last night you were on your tod watching some old tramp scratch and sniff his balls…

Each to their own I suppose :slight_smile:

On a serious note…

As a community no one is telling anyone where to go (well I might tell Shane where to go…:)) but people can and should go where they like.

Blackheath, Ace make a nice alternative to LB’s location. If it was me I’d take in BM, Blackheath and possibly Clapham and if the hut was ooen on Chelsea stop there.

Its about getting out and seeing people really

Just enjoy


aye…that old fcker had some itch…:wink:

i was on my own…no mates around me…alone on the heath…rain stinging my face…

like rob said…tuesdays are always a bad night for a bike meet…but i must say…on a serious not…

WTF is that smell at BMM?


where the sun doesn’t shine?
But he’s already in London :w00t:

Cor I didn’t know ali, gem, redrats wife, Lou, busa55s wife and tayna d were all men…prat

go get him shiver…!!!

hi-hooooooooooooooo- silver!!!




That was in the winter shane

eat me turn coat!!!


All I can see is a nice KTM, shelter from the rain and the bright lights of some places to eat. The pub is out of shot…

I cant see the tramp scratching his balls unless you’re trying to show yourself in the reflection of a nearby window…:smiley:

I see a tumble weed…cant you see it?:laugh: smiled.

must have been the same one spotted in blackheath keeping you company yesterday! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m just saying this;)


yeah i would say blackheath is better than bmm, and seeing bmm is not big enough for lb its nice to have somewhere else to go


You have mail…r.e. Blackheath.

Have to say the level eye of candy at BMM is pretty high.

just responded;)