Blackheath again tonight?


i’ll be up there after 6:30


No cos the Kawasaki is broken :frowning:

you got a BmW

should get a pass tonight:w00t:

where do you park Shane? across the road or round the bag of the hut?

I’ll drop by…fashionably early lol

Oh yer… but i wanna ride the Kawasaki lol Plus im finishing work late tonight

ally stop bitching and get the bimmer out.

smiled you going to ace after or staying at t’hut?

If I don’t open this bottle of sambuca thats staring at me i’ll come up the tea hut. I might grace you with my presance your no when I am in town the traffic stops. Please wordship me if I arrive or i’ll get the arsehole. Salute is fine :cool: and I am fine in real life just really loud and leary like a hooligan is that about right Ali? :wink:

Maybe… i might have to go up the Ace… depending…

on?..c’mon you can meet me at mine and show me the tea hut, i know roughly where it is, just havent been to blackheath for a while!

Please dont be too loud or you will get told to stfu then I will set Westie on you;)

Is it wheelie machine day? :smiley:

i’ve got bugger all planned so might pop up,only takes 20mins to get home :smiley: which is better than coming back from the ace!

Yes :stuck_out_tongue: How did you guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew it was either first or last Friday of the month, plus I’ve been waiting as unless you’re giving me a go on your bike it’s the safest/cheapest way to learn balance point/rear brake control without smashing mine up! Will be down there after work then :smiley:

Behind the tahut Mo!!
Great, see you all down the’re!!!

I’ll try

Out of blackwall tunnel mate over the hump where you arse leaves the seat if you aint ready for it , stay in the right hand lane an the rd will curve to the right then take the next exit (third major from the tunnel) its a up ramp that will bring you onto a big roundabout (sun in the sands ) take the third exit stay in the right hand lane keep going straight to the next roundabout which you’ll go straight over an the teahut will come up on your right about a quarter mile down i might pass threw on my way to meet the lads at clapham hut :slight_smile:

HA HA HA HA you are not wheeling my bike :stuck_out_tongue: In ur dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

You say that now! Don’t leave your keys in it! :stuck_out_tongue: