Blackfriars underpass eastbound

Went through it earlier, and there’s now one of those lit panels (with flashing lights etc) warning of a 30mph limit as well as of a camera. There’s also a camera at the entrance, not sure if this is a new one or not, as have previously not paid attention. No white lines, though.

Thanks again girl

hey paivi

i think that sign just lights up when a vehicle approaches - when jonsey and i were on our way back last night we were nicely under the 30 mark as they’re a bugger for speed trapping there. people nail it through the tunnel then brake for the camera at the end. the flashing sign does work funnily enough as i’ve seen the traffic respond to it

going east i’ve regularly seen the guys with guns sit by the camera at the end of it shooting back into the tunnel so as you come round the bend they’ve collected you (esp as they can prob hear you coming even more than usual)

coming out the tunnel west bound they regularly sit on the downramp on the left or put a temporary box there to get you. I understand why they’re doing it but is a blummin bad place to be watching your speedo instead of watching the cars trying to join from a semi-blind slip road. saw a bike go down there just from grabbing too much front in the wet when the flash spooked him. I was personally done just on from there at the next join where the underpass joins embankment by plod with the radar guns

basically be very careful about giving it berries around the tunnel in either direction

Nice one mate, I go though that every day and do just that - nail it until the end. I’ve just collected six points, so I’ll be paying heed to this.