what do you think of the real blackbird


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wow! Perhaps I should get a bigger garage???

Amazing aircraft, but I think they could have at least washed it now and then! This still holds the record for the fastest inter-atmospheric vehicle.

its inside at duxford but it could do with a bit of a wash and brush up!

got some other pictures of round the back of the land section looks a bit like an old scrap yard!


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so what’s the speed of it then Jay? (I could actually thinking about it look it up myself but hey) lol

That would make a nice spot in the garage next to the R6!


Depending on who you ask, 2100mph is the fastest I’ve seen it recorded as, though remember it was a spy aircraft so its top speed was top secret. It cruised at nearly three times the altitude of a jumbo jet as well. It was unarmed as well, mainly because no munitions could actually go faster than it.

In sept 1974 a sr71 set a speed record from new york to london a distance of 3470miles

it took 1hr 54 min 56 sec flying at an average speed of 1806.96mph, it topped out at around

2224mph which is mach 3, but had to slow down so it could refuel mid air.


Lol you should have stuck an LB sticker on the front

ahh but its painted in hitec anti spy paint so it wouldnt stick!!!

Sh1t, wish they would do a passenger aircraft that got to the states in 2 hours…

The toys I would buy if my Name was Bill Gates 2100mph is not quite fast enough though think ill add some nos and some louder pipes

I remember reading somewhere too that because the plane goes so fast it changes physical form by a good few inches when at it’s maximum speed. Therefore when sat on the run way all fueled and ready to go it has been known to leak fluid as the plane has to have ill fitting panels when stationary to allow for it’s body structure to change at high speed.

yes thats true, when i used to work in the concorde hanger there were drip trays everywhere cos the fuel lines have to be slightly too long as the aircraft heats up and stretches in flight, there used to be gap by the flight engineers desk which on the ground you could only get one finger into but once up in the air you could fit four fingers into it!