Blackbird battery charging issue.....

This is not my bike but a friend has asked if I can help. He has a Honda Blackbird. He has had ongoing electrical problems, basically his battery won’t charge, he has changed the rectifier and generator but to no avail, it is starting to get on his nerves.

I have been told it maybe a burnt out alternator, his bike runs fine and the battery does charge if the headlight is not on.

Does anybody no of or had similar issues.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Fooligan,

I might suggest that your mate gets the bike to someone who can use a multimeter. Testing should take only a couple of minutes, and whether it is a leakage or an output problem. If an output problem, it can be identified whether the reg/rectifier, or the alternator/stator coils.

The Blackbird is notoriously demanding on the regulator/rectifier, but the alternator is usually the stronger element in the electrical system. I gues it may depend on the age of the bike. If your mate wants further advice, a recommendation for reliable parts etc, I suggest he gives John a call at . Always done a great service for me and mine.

Good Luck


if alternaor is gone i would have thought it would not charge at all and prob not run properly.
you sure battery is ok?
failing that got a bloke on croydon who as i have said b4 i will only take my bike too when it comes to electrics.
if you want number pm me, plenty people on here i have sent to him.