Black visors

Hi folks - I’m after a genuine black visor - not one of those tinted jobbies - so that I will look cool and hopefully get a girlfriend. ;):DAny recommendations - I’ve checked out - seems to be where most people go for these things - any good - or is there somewhere better/cheaper? Thanks in advance for any info. ;):cool:

I always use - pretty good service and not bad prices.

+1 for racevisors… got a free visor bag as well :wink:

Another for RaceVisors - speedy delivery, too.

Although, obviously, my black visor is only for track use. :Whistling:

Thanks guys! And these are proper illegal black visors right - none of this tinted pussy legal stuff! :smiley:


Bought my last lid from Racevisors, came with a free tinted visor. Decent prices and good service.


the visor doe’s that? ill tell my brother then mayb thats y he cant get one:w00t: i got a black visor:D

  • 4 :smiley: got my Shoei one from them and as someone else has already said, got a free visor pouch too :slight_smile:

good link ill save that one for when i get a new lid i need one.

racevisors… :wink:

I had a problem with them, my order never arrived. Had to wait a week but got my order special delivery plus a full refund.

EXCELLENT customer service.

+5 or is that +6

Nope it’s +7 :slight_smile:

Wot hee sed:cool:

I get mine form Technomoto in kilburn. Actually, I reckon I get most of my stuff from there, lol. Nothing to do with the 15% LB discount :Whistling:

+10 ish

good delivery times too

I used Racevisors too… I had an issue with delivery… its cos they are in Jersey so has to come through customs…

Was gd tho - i told them it hadnt come and kicked up a fuss - they sent a new one in the post… that came fine at no extra cost to me… then post office told me they had forgot to pay £14 customs charge and told me its mine if i pay it… so got 2 black Arai visors for a grand total of £45 i think it was!! Great deal!

Jersey!? (mental picture of Bergerac) :w00t: Crikey - I won’t have to pay import duty will I? :w00t:

racer visors + 1 (lost count)

Jersey or Guernsey… either way they pick up the import thingy… they are mostly bbased out there… legal reason, something to do with illegal to sell ffully blacked out ones in bike shops here as they are not for road use - at least that is what i was told… and that was by a bike shop telling me their reason for not stocking race visors…

If i may chuck my penny in its race visors for me been well happy the 3 times i have used them.I use a dark one because my eyes poke out an extra 3 inches on a trackday and i dont want to scare people :D.