Black visors

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you knew of anyone in or around London who would sell me “black” visors for shoie and arai helmets. I am not talking about the slightly tinted ones, but real bad-ass black visors.

Have found a place on the web but was keen to see if I could get someone in London.


I don’t think you’ll get any luck with this as they’re illegal to use, and dealers get nervous about selling things that have no use on the road. The off-shore shops that sell them are very good, I’ve used them a number of times. Just don’t get anything coated, i.e. iridium or mirror finish, they don’t last a week.

My iriddium Arai has lasted a good few thousand miles and is still in great shape. It does go into a visor bag when not in use though. It is genuine Arai if that means anything with the quality. Also not as dark as the full on dark tint which is useful if its a little overcast (most days).

EDIT: Was an Ebay buy BTW.

aye gees in welling, kent, sold me a “not for day time use” tint…

Go to the bike shows / BMF…etc you should be able to get them, or try

I’ve always used “RaceVisors” and have no complaints.

Quick delivery too.

Depending on what type of lid/s you have, I may be able to help you…

Yep, that’ll do it, official Arai will last, but most stuff sold online is reproduction.

er, dont you mean not for night time use or ‘daytime use only’

BikeStop out in Stevenage used to have em. Of course they are for off-road/track use only