Black visors at night

I was amazed by the number of riders who left Borough on Wednesday after dark wearing black visors.

Is it just me or do you see that as an accident waiting to happen?:crying:

personally its a no no for me, if get caught out it stays up…

its not he cars that you wont see so much, more pedestrians and cyclists.

wearing a dark visor at night is for dafties only…

I always take a clear visor if I’m using the tinted one.

The times I’ve ridden with a tinted one at night I find myself going “**** why is everything feeling scary” and then I figure it out…

I’m not a big fan of the idea that tinted visors are illegal in the UK. Wearing sunglasses is more dangerous and less comfortable I think.

You can imagine the questions from the insurance company… ‘so Mr X, how exactly did you not see the stationary car…’ :smiley:

I agree with Nath, I always carry a clear visor if I’m likely to be out when it starts getting dark.

Why are dark tint visors illegal? They are better than wearing sunglasses (apart from UV protection!):cool:

I drove couple of times in dark visor at night. I always carry clean one tho. Think this wednesday left the place in dark one :stuck_out_tongue:

I wear one but as already mentioned if it looks like its going to get dark whilst i’m out then i will have a clear with me.

Been caught out before and its not funny or clever. Maybe look at dark tear-offs if your clear visor has the facility. Easy to use and easy to store. Can be re used. I used to have them on my OGK lid, loved them.

I keep my clear Pinlock insert in my back protector pocket!

You weren’t the only one Arnie. You know it makes sense mate;)


i changed my dark visor for a mirror one which i used day and night as it wasnt as dark, and stopped the headlight blurryness from oncoming traffic.

I often get caught out but it’s only a problem if on country roads. A dark visor riding in central london doesn’t really cause me any problems as everywhere is so flippin bright (except the flyover on the A40 :w00t: )

lol, this phenomena (sp?) is the bain of my motoring life! im trying to find a way to counteract it before i start riding otherwise night time riding will be a big problem…i thought tinted visors were a solution

I use a mirror one and got cough in the dark, was ok for a while until suddenly I couldn’t see anything anymore… I had to ride with my visor up and much slower as my eyes were watering

I can buy a pair of light reactive sun glasses in my local pound shop so the technology/product is cheap.

I can buy light reactive film for office block windows and even little bitty things for a mobile phone.

Why are there no light reactive visors to be bought? Or may be there are but I’ve not yet found them.

FogCity do a reactive visor. But it doesn’t get terribly dark. I have reactions lenses in my specs so I get the dark stuff from both specs and visor, but both visor and glasses are clear as a bell at night.

Or how about the Caberg Justissimo, which has a dark visor sunglasses thingy that you can push down when you need it. Very swish. I considered that as a helmet but went for a cheaper one without the sunglasses thingy and now regret it. Know what I’ll be looking for on my next helmet.

the cabergs, shuberts and nolans with the sunvisors are the way to go great when sunny and just flip up out of way at night, the only problem with my nolan one is if you go a shade too fast it can drop down so the solution is dont speed (much) :slight_smile:

Yup. I like the Caberg and I think the perfect solution but their sizing is a bit funny for me. I can’t get one size on my head and the next size up is a sloppy fit.

Apart from the not-so-good Fog City one I did post about an electrically trigered one a while back, looks great in the demo vid.

Will try and hunt it out:)