Black Swan.

Anyone else here watched it?
What did you think?

I thought its good, Very odd.

Haven’t seen it yet but have heard mixed reviews. Some Aronofski die hard fans who are friends of mine hated it, others loved it… I’m definitely going to watch it as I have loved his other work, especially Π (Pi)

Personally if you want weird you can never go wrong with a bit of David Lynch! :slight_smile:

Smashing film

Fck knows how Natalie Portman can go from the sublime role in this film straight into some wnk rom-com with ashton kutcher…

Aronofsky’s work is getting better IN MY OPINION THAT IS :smiley:

Hated it… I guess it was all the hype it had beforehand and when I finally went to see it, I thought WTF?! Not my cup of tea but I can kinda see why people love it. Beautifully shot though.

didn’t enjoy it at all. couldnt’ wait to get out of the cinema

+1 definitely! I want Jaime too see that movie, and was talking about it to my colleague. i like how what’s real and what’s not blends together!! awesome movie! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yep you got that right! i like odd.

thought it was awesome, Aronofsky is wicked - how do you take a move about ballet and give it such a dark edge?.

and how very seriously hot is Mila Kunis? (Natalie Portman’s lesbian fantasy)… who by the way is also the voice of Meg in Family Guy…