Black Subaru Impreza

Myself and Gaz saw this when we where in the car in the Farnborough area.

The police inside where in uniform but the car was totally unmarked.

Just a heads up.

I saw an unmarked car on the M20 last night pulling people for speeding…

Didn’t get a proper look but I think it was an Astra hatchback in black… Sneaky bastards

Be warned! I saw a black Audi TT on the Brixton Road on Monday with those new style blue LED lights integrated in the light clusters. He was flying with sirens on but I would imagine almost impossible to notice it as OB when these weren’t on.

BMW on my right with the left blindspot mirror.
I was thinking since when did BMW owners care about their blind spot? Ow it’s the police!

Nice spot, though you do have more mirrors on your bike than Hugh Hefner has on his ceiling :smiley:

Yes. I actually only just noticed that today looking at this picture.
Will be removing them side blind mirrors.
Wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a disgruntled mod.

Cheers for that Premises, that’s right round the corner from where I live… Will keep an eye out

Not sure if those extra mirrors are an indicator of being an unmarked car. Have blasted past a lot of those without anyone following (or they weren’t in the mood :blink: )

No mate, I passed their car and looked in. They were wearing the usual white shirt with the black tac vest.