Black Sabbeth


Morning all…and not a happy Barro at all…what the fk happened this weekend…weather…total st and a total waste !!

Overcast and Showers all day it says !!

Now what ??..

Ive been out for beers with friends and been out to eat with family and been to see a movie, all good stuff right ?..

“Yes Lovely” very very nice…but…

Bikes…biker friends…riding…sun…laughing…going fast…going slow…

“Come on you upstairs…send us our summer for f**ks sake”

My thoughts exactly

weather abso sucks… but hey on the plus side…

I am back in the UK!!!

Good morning all!!!

That is a plus, Also since this post it has started brightening up over my area (hillingdon) GENIUS

At least we have the motogp on soon! What you mean ‘weekend’? The has been sucking for a while now…

Very True !!!

I’m going to my garage give my bike ‘another’ clean and by opening the garage door she will know ‘why’ she’s not out having fun!

I will actually put her much younger sister on her side for her to have a look how older than her she looks, even being almost a year younger! That’s becouse I ride her under rain,snow and cold! Like a girl or a boy that is abused she aged!

This way I hope that my Kawa will thanks me rather than sware for not be used… Am I going mad???

this weather is baaaaaaaaaaaaad and we are still on a hose pipe ban what the hell is that all about? at this rate i think building an ark will be more suitable…positive mental attitude, flatouts ride out will be bathed in sunshine!!! i cant bloody wait…on the downside the weather is wet untill tuesday at least…good for wed!..i hope!


fingers crossed for you!!!

weather will be good…