Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Fans!

Surely some of you on this board have good taste in music then? :slight_smile:

Anyone heard their new live album yet? I’m not sure about getting this one. Tend to avoid live albums due to the
harshe recordings or audience (annoying). Worth getting?

Who’s seeing them in concert then?

Wow - no one?!

Have a look at how much their 2005 LP album “Howl” just went under the hammer for!

You can check them out on :cool:

£132 … thats nuts!!!

yeah … I know. Better investing in quality vinyl LPs than in Lehman Brothers, hmm?!

They have a huge cult following! And they’re coming back to London! :smiley:

Sorry to see not so many motorcycle fans out there. Maybe their fan base are all screaming adolescent girls :doze:

Sigh. Probably not. If they were, then there would be many more male fans from here! :smiley:

If it makes you feel any better - then I don’t mind them :stuck_out_tongue:

Spread your love is a monster choooooon

I have quite a few friends back home who are major fans … and I saw them at a festival a while back and thought they were “okay” … but I’ve never got specifically excited by them … sorry :slight_smile: