black is the new orange

aint it sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy:D

sneaky i know ya wona peel me stickers off

OOOHHHH ive got the Horn:blush:

thats all you got at the mo;)

OH THE NAKEDNESS…take it away matron !!!

I like them handguards :smiley: they would look nice on my bike !

Make you right…black is the new orange…nice…catch u about m8

wanted carbon but £700:ermm: black plastic + stickers £98:D

stealthy but you’d hear it 10 streets away so i’ll still get noticed;)

Actually i think Green is the new Black:)



or is shiny black the new black:P

Did that use to be pink by any chance ?

Is that ya wheels???

kind of mine more what she was after but i had 2 mod it a bit for some street cred:P 2L 180bhp

anyone want a hair cut:D

Before the convertible was ya hair like this…??

i was after this one but she said no:angry:

Thats lucky then, cos you would have been banned from EVERYTHING:D

Dont get me wrong, i like things that are Pink:Whistling:

not banned from EVERYWHERE your local said i’m still welcome:P

dont she got a ktm orange one:D

very nice D…

not sure about the pug tho:w00t: barry boy…:w00t::hehe:

see what the new stealth machine looks like in the flesh tomorrow!

A bit of warning before you post anymore pics like this chaps… i use the computer at work and my employers really dont take kindly to em… sort of bye bye and close the door on the way out kind of dont like .cheers.

Aint that the truth. My PC at home is in our diningroom so internet access is public to monitor the kids. My 9yr old daughter will be asking me tomo why there’s naked women on here;)