Black (illegal) visors

Do you wear your black visor at night or stick a clear visor on for night riding? It’s just that I’ve got an AGV - and unlike the handy Arai visor replacement system, changing visors on an AGV is fiddly and not something you want to do every day.

well i have a dark visors on my Agv and i think the only time i have changed it was when i was doing my test other than that its on there all the time

Personally, i would not ride at night with a dark visor, would you drive your car at night with sunglasses on?? Five minutes messing with your visor is alot quicker than recovering from broken bones due to not seeing where your going :cool:

Most of the time im finished work before its dark but if im not i ride home with the visor open

+1:cool:Been caught out before and it aint much fun

tryed the visor open years ago, but spend a week back and forth to A&E every day to have **** scraped off your eye, I won’t be doing that again!

tinted with clear (and dark) in tankbag !

I got an AGV ans I think its easier to vhange than the ARAIs…takes literally 20 sec…I had and S4 and a Ti Tech

Thanks guys - you’re right - it would be foolish to ride in the dark with the dark thing on - I’m inspired by Marly - and will practice my AGV visor change until i can get it down to 30 seconds! ;):D:cool:

or jus buy a caberg with intergrated flip down sun visor :cool:

I know its illegal and well completely foolish to do so, but i have been considering trying to get away with having it on - ONLY cos the glare from those bright blueish LED headlights some cars have - really distorts my vision, infact its painful!

So is being hit by a car :w00t:

riding with a dark visor at night is plain stupid & not fun been caught out befor couldnt judge corners properly or see cerbs my advice is just take the time to change visor to a clear at night

i can change my AGV visor in about 10 seconds…tis easy!

i dont wear a dark visor at night, i wear a clear one at night, i have bene caught out before…and its no fun at all!!

Scared myself sh1tless when had to do it (visor stuck) and riding with visor up not fun.

If ever I want to commit suicide and want to make it look like an accident, I’ll just get on my bike with a black visor and go for a fast night ride…
…no, that’s not true, I’ll flog the bike, spend the money on heroin until I’ve got £50 left then blow that on one mind-blowing hit…


dark visor at night is plain stupid out of town.

i personally dont put my visor down that much in town…

err and i dont have a dark visor, just a tint :wink:

Nice to see that Sid doesn’t know everything…hee hee


Clear visor and sunglasses?

If you got pinlocks, it’s easy enough to swap between clear and tinted inserts :smiley:

Dev - get yourself some of them yellow glasses ;):P:D

Sunglasses no good for me, my helmet is too tight a fit - far too painful.

Perhaps there’s a market for shades for bikers…