Black Ice and a knackered Sprint RS

Riding along the B485 yesterday figuring the road was pretty much thawed out, so I over took a car just as I was approaching a favourite set of corners of mine, just outside Chesham when I felt the black end go and realised the road hadn’t thawed as much as I thought. The Sprint came away from underneath me and I’m sliding along the road thinking oh bugger and thank god my Lidl jacket and backprotector and Jacket are doing the job their supposed to do.

The Sprint was pretty badly bashed down the right side, with the side fairing completely destroyed and the top part quite badly dinged, the back brake lever broken off and the exhaust is dented. Think the frame is ok and the engine was still running so it might be salvagable, but still a case of oh bugger and cursing myself for being so bloody stupid.

Good thing about it was I managed to walk from it with only a banged knee and a sore elbow, so there you go Lidl kit was work.

Thank god it wasn’t the 675 I was on.

Glad to hear it wasn’t any worse. take it easy out there people :slight_smile:

Ouch, sorry to hear about that mate, glad you came away with just some plastic missing, and that you werent on the 675!

Unlucky but aleast you are still with us.

When I came off there was a RAC van sat there, he’d just pulled a car out of the hedge and later talking to a farmer whilst I was waiting for the recovery truck, three other cars had come off there that day. For about the next 1/2 hour after I come off cars were going all over the place on that corner until it thawed out (if I’d been half an hour latter I wouldn’t have come off :(). After about an hour the gritter lorry went past nice to see the highways agency were well on the ball :X.

Oooh…Unlucky…Glad you’re ok…Spend some quality time, and the bike will be back on the road in no time.

Glad your ok n glad it wasn’t on the 675!! i been there done it but got off lightly, all thanks to the power ranger lol :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: only kidding

NNNNNnnnnnoooooo, you crashed the banana! Glad you’re alright. The bike sounds like it’s got cosmetic damages rather than anything serious, a little ebay action and it’ll be back to normal :slight_smile:

Ouch! Sorry to hear your crashed your RS. I’m about to put mine on the road with new C&S and rear tyre on Saturday! I’ll not be riding it in icy weather at all!!!

yes glad your okay, just got back and its bloody cold out there so watch out peeps there will be frost and black ice about tomorrow I bet…my poor old face is frozen…forgot to put my chin and neck cosy on…brrrr

oh bad luck matey, pity about the rs, hope shes ok and repairable. :slight_smile:

sorry to hear that fella hope u get the bike sorted:)

hope it dont cost too much to repair and glad ya ok :slight_smile:


ouch :pinch:

Unlucky fella, but looks OK, thats just battle scars :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for you mate. Good you didn’t hurt yourself badly.

Sorry to hear that, aways tell yourself, it could have beeen alot worse!

Glad to hear you are ok

I travel into London from Suffolk watch out for gravel washed on to roads after heavy rain in Essex/Suffolk roads Have had some muscle tensing moments !!:w00t: