Black Honda Fireblade Stolen yesterday in Canary Wharf

My Black Honda Fireblade 1000RR 2006 model, was stolen from the Waitrose parking underground area on level 2 parking, in Canary Wharf (Tower Hamlets). The security staff said that they have apparently already had a couple of bikes stolen from that same place so please be warned that criminals are targeting the car parks!!

It had the steering lock on, the alarm was activated and it also had a Motrax disc lock on the front wheel. It was probably lifted into a van and driven off. Security for the centre are checking the camera tapes for vans/suspects. I hope the police catch the scum who did this as I can’t wait to meet them face to face.

If you are offered a bike which fits the above description or any bike parts, please contact your local police and report it. You can also report it anonymously if you wish.

How anyone who calls himself a biker, could buy parts that are dodgy and obviously stolen from another fellow biker is beyond my comprehension. It has to be the lowest thing anyone can do and it only encourages more bikes to be stolen.

My next bike will have a tracking device and if it gets stolen, the scumbag trash will pay!!

Registration Number?

Fingers crossed that you will get your P&J back untouched. Sorry to read this :crying:

Sorry to hear about your loss, their really are some scum bags around!! Reg number?

Reg. No: LA06 YYR

I doubt whether the criminals would keep the number plate on, as the police are on the lookout for it. (Although most thieves are quite retarded so you never know!)

The only custom thing that would possibly stand out is that it has a black tinted screen instead of the usual clear one on the front.

There are more than 100 bikes stolen per day, someone has to be buying them and perpetuating this crime. It is probably in pieces by now, to be sold off bit by bit to other bikers.

I can confirm serial numbers on parts if requested. Thanks.

So Sorry to hear you’ve lost your baby. Utter f***ing scum.

I do hope they find her.

Thieving scum, hope it returns to it’s rightfull place :smiley:

You’ll be suprised how many keep their original number plate…it depends on what they’re using it for. Someone on here keeps spotting his stolen bike months after it was nicked. Most scrotes know that even a very badly ridden big bike is very hard to keep up with so don’t bother changing the plates…if they get invited to stop, they just sod off into the distance.

have a little tour round the estates on the island. they sometimes park up the bikes for a while to see if it has a tracker or other security on it before they take it off to be stripped

cheers for the heads up at least on that carpark. dont use it often but thought it was safer than this

Well, they’re obviously too thick to hold down a day job, so who knows?

Good luck, mate!

FFS! when will you lot learn?

nice newish bike and all you put on it is a f00king disc lock!

do you think along with your alarm it is un nickable?

sorry for the theft m8 but even if i take my old bandit anywhere like that at least will have me almax around it and around a post or summat, ok can still get nicked but least likely too with chain around than just a disc lock on.

Sorry to read this :frowning: Hope it’s found soon.

Easy Choprocker, don’t think he’s asking for us to feel sorry for him, just asking us to keep an eye out, dirty scum bags should touch what’s not theirs anyway.

nightmare matey, i have the identical bike so will sort of programme it in my head to see another like it, sorry to hear about the loss,

Sorry to hear of your loss. I agree with Choprocker, I know chains and cables are a pain but you do really need to lock your bike to something immovable. It wont stop them all the time but it makes it a bit harder for them and they are more likely to seek out an easier target.Sadly, I suspect the bike will be broken down for its parts, security systems like Hiss make it more difficult to ‘ring’ bikes these days. Some cars are so difficult to steal nowadays that they find it easier to break into you house to steal your car keys and then the car.

Hope you get it back all the same…PH

I wonder if it’s worth contacting tfl to see if it was clocked by one of the congestion charge cameras.

At least it might give you an idea of which way it was heading, just a thought

I know, but regularly there are threads on here new bikes etc getting lifted, we all it happens but still people put their trust in an alarm and disc lock.

I know but I am sure the guy is kicking himself for not having a chain on his bike, we’ve all done it at some stage, I am sure he doesn’t need everyone telling him what he should have done, hindsight is a great thing :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


good post, and i agree entirely.

Sorry to hear about that…Checking the local area out is a good idea aswell as asking the local hoodies (you may have to give them a fiver and maccy d vouchers).

Can’t leave a nice bike anywhere public nowadays unless it’s seriously strapped down in place…I understand that many supermarket car parks don’t have anywhere to chain a bike down though.

You never know…you might see it again.

If not, next bike, fit a Tracker…It’s worth the expense.

yeah i know what you are thinking, i thought the same went there today but no joy. its only about a mile from the other one