Black Friday

Not a fan of Americanising our country and when i heard about Black Friday coming to England i was the first to run it down


YEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!!! I love our Yankee doodle dandy cousins!!!

I’ve just saved £50 on my sons Christmas present! I was gonna get him a PS Vita Slim, it was £170 in game yesterday and i just went to Argos and got the exact same thing for £139 as it’s Black Friday!!!

Someone grab me a Corn Dog i’m going to the ball game!!!

if you were smarter you’d wait until after xmas and buy it for 50quids.

merry xmas :smiley:

Try telling an 8 year old to wait till after xmas for his pressent cos daddy is a Tight Arse!! :smiley:

You could try telling him he’s not getting it at all :crying:

Fruit in a stocking, and then get him it after. Do you boycott Valentines, out of interest?

No, I don’t do Valentines Day either

Ehm… £31 save :smiley:

Happy slaves day everyone :Whistling:

Most major web shites are struggling under the strain and keeling over :smiley:

Argos :heavy_check_mark: @Argos_Online
We know some of you are experiencing problems getting on to our site this #BlackFriday. Please bear with us, we hope to be with you soon.

lol, i forgot to put i got a game too which was another £20 :slight_smile:

Loads of websites are down tbh, tesco, Currys, Asda, Game…

i pity the fools :smiley:

Anyone any decent bike gear deals? I see a few of the main bike shops have some discounts, but nowt so massive I feel the need to race over, snatch the gear out of the hands of some lame scooter chap and shoulder barge my way to the till to fling credits cards over to appease the gods of consumerism.

Whats worse, fighting for a bargain or stealing?

feck that nonsense, I’m going to the casino!

Amazon are once again doing their ‘lightning deals’ this week, with new items coming up every 10 minutes. I think I’ve bought about 10 different things. Most of which I actually needed and saved a lot of money.

It’s only £134 on Amazon…

garmin virb for £140