Black CBR600F stolen yesterday from bell yard (near royal courts)

a workmates bike was stolen from the bell yard bikebay yesterday - during working hours. (street view here)

bike is a CBR600F pic attached.

police says they got some report of suspicious van being there but nothing concrete

please keep an eye out

Number plate?


thanks for looking out

No worries, sorry to hear about the theft.

Hope you find it untouched! Will keep an eye on the street!

These bike thieves are getting away with far to many bikes, we need to get a group together and start running some sting operations to get the cnuts off the street

So weird, there was yamaha v-max standing in that bay, not moving for almost a year and not disappearing. Sorry to hear about that.

Sorry to hear what happened hope he gets it back what gets me that the police had some reports of a suspicious van why didn’t they check it out

Even scotes have taste :wink: