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Off out in the cage this morning when just a few hundred yards from home, hit a bloody great pot hole in the middle of the road, couldn’t have missed it!!

Punctured front offside, split in side wall. Spare did not fit (great) took the wheel in for a new tyre only to find that the pilot sports have now been replaced with pilot sport2 so this means 2 new tyres so as not to mix on the axle £360 the pair:crazy: and to top it all the alloy is buckled!!! not a happy bunny at all.

Just glad i was in the cage and not on the bike.

reported it to the local council who didn’t give a hoot.

rant over

they should!!!


:pinch: Thats not a pothole it is a cavern, the roads are full of 'em :crazy:

I’m sure the local council would rather deal with getting road workers to repaier the roads rather than dealing with a law suit from a bikers bereaved family. I’d like to think so anyway…

we complained about the potholes on our road, they sent down an inspector and they patched the road, not perfect but better.

Mo if you sent pictures of the damage to the council with a letter theres a good chance they’ll pay out, similar thing happened to a mate of mine in Bexleyheath and they paid him for a new tyre etc :slight_smile:

go back and take a picture with something alongside to show the measurment and depth of hole, then you can claim from the council if they wont pay out go legal via your insurers if you have to via small claims court, but you MUST have something showing the scale. good luck with it.

You should get some compo off the council for that.

I’d have thought so too.

Tough Luck fella:crazy:

Been there! What a pain! I’m seriously beginning to think Chelsea tractors are actually a good idea!! Well maybe not but you get what I mean!

Get your mota in for a full wheel Geometry check to, cost a fortune at the Audi Stealers (£240), so better to get them to pay for it!:wink:

I watched a new SV650 very nearly wipe out in a pothole like that in Deptford. He just managed to keep it upright. Fortunately his front wheel was okay, but funnily enough, that hole was filled in the next day… Used online reporting thingy to send message to TFL as it was a serious menace!

You should report this and sue for compensation. Don’t get fobbed off as they have a responsibility to ensure the roads are safe for all users/suers (nice word play there…):stuck_out_tongue:

Will be taking this up with the council, have spoken to them and they have asked me to submit a claim for compo (sounds promising)

Took the wheel in to day to have it checked and see if it could be repaired, but it is to far gone.

So the claim so far

2 X new tyres £360

1 X new 8J by 18 MV1 wheel £294

Don’t think I will hold my breath somehow

Good luck with your claim!!

Keep your eyes peeled for this sorta stuff people! … The winter weather breaks up the surface of our roads rapidly!