Man oh man! 500-750 smackers!? really? wow wee, thats gotta hurt! on a serious note, why is it so expensive? So lets say I fail, does that mean another batch of £££’s as above? if so, not sure what to do now. I’ve got my CBT and theory all cleared…a car driving license is cheaper! very surprised!?..pls advise.

tis indeed a lot of money mate. what im doing with mine is paying a bit off before each lesson. got 8 lessons, CBT and tests for £699. had to pay £120 for the CBT outright…left to pay £579 (for the lessons and tests) so before each lesson I pay them £75.
a lot more manageable then the whole lot in a one’r…for me anyway.

have an ask round your training schools…never know you may be able to do it this way as well.

If the DAS fees are a bit on the pricey side for you, why not try the standard bike tests on your 125 for £80 (£10 for mod1, £70 for mod2) - then if you pass, you can buy a bigger bike, get it restricted for 2 years - works out cheaper but just means your bike wont be as powerful for first 2 years.

It is a shedload of cash, but compare it to the recommended 20 to 40 hours car driving tuition at £25 an hour or more and it seems more reasonable.
Thankfully, back in the day you could just do the test - and when I did my car test last year I got a 3 hour lesson every week for nowt as my mate had just passed as an instructor (I was his first pupil and first pass :slight_smile: )

yeah its a lot but well worth it. when i failed first time i just had to spend the cost of another test and my instructors time etc of taking me up there. ended up being just over £100 i think

Apparently the average cost of learning to drive a car is £2000+, so it’s cheap in that respect.

How much would you like to pay to learn to ride properly, and to pass?