BKS leathers - Size 44 For Sale...

Bought these 18 months ago new at £750, done about 5k miles in them , no crashes…

Size 44, black and white BKS leathers bought from V and J dealer in Somerset.

Selling for £300, no offers, selling due to me putting on 4 stone in 18 months:D


i keep telling u mc donalds might be fast food… but it dont make u faster!

No, that would be by having the best PTIs in the world smashing me in the gym making me hench as fuc.k:D

Doubt they would fit me:P

No way tubs;):smiley:

Cheeky fecker:D I was thinking more the fact you are more vertically challenged than me;)

You 6ft 1, 6ft 2?My mate is 5ft 10 and they fit quite well, bit of sag round the arse but nowt major… If someone shows real interest, I will get them cleaned before they go.

sh*t me they look nice. 1 or 2 piece?

1 piece dude.

im sure jewell can cut it in half if u want a 2 piece mian!

back up for sale.

£200. A steal.

I’ll have’em if they fit me and aint too far away?:wink:

Sneaky’s had too many pies! Thanks for letting me have a look Jewell

Good effort on coming up dude. Soz they were too small, thought they would fit you.

Still for sale peeps.

£100.00 and can i pay you £5. a week?


SOLD in my book! Good deal Shane, well done mate

You can if the 2 other people infront of you decide not to have them for size reasons.