Bitten by the moto bug!

After thinking about what to get to replace my CBR (when I sell it), I have been considering a Supermoto/ SM style bike.

I’ve been on Thumper talk, KTM forum, CCM riders and looking at countless Gumtree, Pistonheads, Biketrader etc ads.

My mind is basically made up that I’ll be getting a moto of some description, but I’m not sure exactly which models to concentrate on as I don’t know anything about singles/ motos/ trailies et

Viewed a CCM 404DS yesterday - needs attention and will be looking at a KTM exc 510 today and a Husqvarna 610 next week (although this is probably too full on for me).

I’d like to know what to look out for and what the problems are with specific years/ models/ manufacturers.
It will be used for town riding mostly and I’m after a mid ranged, 250 - 550cc engine, decent reliability and (will) have a budget of about £1900 max.

Sorry for the vague post, but any (on topic) suggestions are very much appreciated.

610 husky’s suck donkey dick :hehe: is it a ktm 520exc you going to look at? is it in moto trim or enduro

It’s an EXC 525.
With Moto and Enduro wheels. Isn’t that model an Enduro?



looks nice m8:) whats the details of it?

Just bought 525 as well :smiley:

Do you know that they have no ignition key ? do you have a garage to park in over night?

If No than buy 625, 640 or 690 smc :slight_smile:



tbh the key dont help very much. can get immobiliser fitted.

all it takes is undo a ruber dtrap and pull ign wires so no point on a mtoo, for your budget id either get a 525/520 ktm or the ccm 404 aint a bad bike but a bit slow compared to race bikes. the ktm will need a fair bit of love to keep it running ok, ccm wont :smiley:

Tattoo please tell me what do I need to get my speedometer working with that front breaks ?
Speedo works , got that long cable as well but there is no space to fit that pick up sensor :crazy:

sensor goes in the caliper on them beringers… you need to glue a magnet to the disc also ;)Race bikes like EXC,SX,SMR KTM’s need a fair bit of looking after but if you do it they last well…

LC4 ktms need less love but there 50 kg more and aint really propper motos ay daz :w00t: well your maybe coz its a 660 :wink:

still wicked fun though…

BTW get a KTM ok? then you can do this…

change the wheels and do this…

It was okay. Apparently the previous owner had put some extra bits on - new front disc and caliper, Akra syste, but standard can (can’t remember anything else). It had an electric start as well as the kick. Bits of corrosion here and there.
I have a feeling that I probably couldn’t bargain the seller down to a more favourable price; he originally wanted £2750 for it but said that he would be prepared to negotiate.

This one had a key to turn the bike on and an electric start.
Yes I have a garage, but surely a 625, 640 or 690 smc would cost more/ be more desirable?

That shouldn’t be a problem as long as the jobs are fairly basic. I’m no mechanic, but enjoy tinkering.
I was talking to a former CCM owner (from new) who recommended me against getting one saying that although the engine might be a sound Suzuki one, the rest of the parts/ build quality is shoddy. Pity really, as it would be nice to Buy British.

C’mon mate - no jacking! :wink:

what about a xr650, you can get them around 2k

2750 for that ktm lol ,funniest thing ive heard all day dude more like 2grand tops!! the 404 aint a bad bike, most other ccm’s are shite build, as for ktm yeah they good bikes but VERY dear. theres a husky 450 smr on ebay at mo i reckon you could get for your budget, great bikes and come decent spec like brembo top caliper decent suspenders etc ktm are ok but budget for suspension work as standard wp shockers are pants :smiley:


theres a ccm 404 on gumtree yesterday for under 2grand , looks ok may be a cheap buy dep on miles etc for someone;)

I know of one that might be for sale!

If you want to get VERY sensible then look at a DRZ. Yes I know people are going to hop up and down and go boo hoo but it makes sense.

Downside (in stock form) is that it is heavy, slowish and not as sexy as a KTM/Husky/Aprilla.

Upside it is easy to maintain, cheap to insure and pretty bullet proof (post auto chain adjust), long service intervals and easy service.

Ride it for a year, if you like the supermoto world then look at the other bikes. They Husky 610ie is more sorted as a roadbike and is not as full on as a Huky 450/510 or KTM. Also look at a Duke 2 if you want a more road orientated bike.

how’s the moto search goin G?

I’ve been keen and looking too, but when phone up, i get shifty replies… so dunno if it’s a legit buy… just have to weed’em out i guess :wink:

how was your 510 experience londondrz? (apart from your avatar :Whistling:…) your’s was the injected model though right? just w/e fun or commute?

K :cool:

Yea, there have been some v.dodgy looking deals on Gumtree, but there are just as many sweet motos out there for someone with the cash waiting and a functioning left foot (unlike me hehe!)

Good luck,
Keep an eye on 17", KTM Forum and Psitonheads if I were you.
Any on here are snapped up by people who already have too many bikes :wink:

whats wrong with the husky 610 ???