Bit of help needed!

Its embarassing asking for help but here goes… those of u that know me, my arm is in plaster and i cant do any work on my bike as i cant even unscrew a screw… I need help to do and oil change and battery change…
So, who is up for helping a gal out?

AND no Pan its not cos im blonde :smiley:

Didn’t Paul B already offer on FB?

Yeah but i need someone who knows BMWs… i dnt have a manual… but no worried Tom is gonna do it for me…

Really, for a battery and oil change!! Look on the net, you can sometimes find manuals online, I found one for my CBR & ZX6R, don’t remember where though!

I know how to do it without a manual… so no panic… i just cant undo screws and stuff

So my point is you wally :stuck_out_tongue: I am sure almost everyone who has the use of both arms knows how to undo screws so Paul B would do, no? :smiley:

True… lol

:D:D:D Blondie :stuck_out_tongue:

id help you out but im blond too :stuck_out_tongue:

I would help you out but

  1. I am at work

  2. Your too far away

  3. I’m blonde :smiley:

Being blonde is no excuse… it means that if we put our heads together it would create super amazing results :smiley: Cos us blondes are uber clever :smiley: Well u and me anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right :smiley:

It is now set in stone :smiley:

Blondes rule :smiley: Well u and me rule as blondes :smiley:

I’m surprised you two didn’t fall over each other :laugh: