bit of boredom retouching

no particular need but nice bit of practice, thought i’d share

if any of the pro photoshoppers have any feedback that would be great, always good to learn from something constructive!


nice work, but have you retouched a tooth out? :slight_smile:

or did you put the food in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, nope just cake removal (did have to double check as thought the same. Her tongue was up against her lip and she only has small teeth far)

it would of been one of them cool photos the parents are looking forward to that show the littles first teeth and it’s been 'shopped out :smiley:

its my sister’s kid, there is no shortage of photo’s to document trust me :wink:

actually from a set from her 2nd birthday a few weeks back







nice capture with the smoke on the candle!!

And the bubbles and balloon photos has proper cheered me up :slight_smile:

Nice work mate.

All I’d say, is have a little look at adding a little highlight back into the lips.

I know the first image looked like it had a bit of saliva - but the highlights would make the mouth look even healthier, and less flat.

That’s about as constructive as I can get. Generally all depends on the outcome, and how large the image is going to be reproduced, as to how much time you want to spend on it.


fair point, what would you say is best way to put the highlight back into the skin?