Bit of a longshot but.... ground anchor related

This is probably unlikely seeing as we’re londonbikers but just wanted to find if anyone knows a company or individual that can install a ground anchor… in Cheltenham area

I’ve got a family home there and we’ve not got a garage but two parking spaces and wanted to get a ground anchor fitted for when I bring my bike down… Cant do DIY as a) don’t have the tools and will fck it up b) don’t know how and will fck it up and c) am useless with tools and will f*ck it up…

I remember there used to be a guy on here who did it locally so if he knows anyone, please let me know…

It’s taken me 2 years to get permission from the management company of the block of flat to do this and I really want to get it done :smiley:

Hire an SDS Drill and Drill peice. lay the anchor on the floor or against the wall. Get a marker mark the holes. Drill four holes. put the metal raw plugs in then screw in the four bolts…Its a 5min job mate…Then smash some small ball bearings in the allen heads on the bolts to stop anyone unscrewing the anchor. Done

I’ll do it for you but you’ll have to wait 3 weeks as I’m all booked up I’m afraid!

Your parking spaces are they tarmac or are the concrete surface ? If its concrete then the job is simple enough if it is tar then their is more work to do than just bolting it down as carpark tar is usually quite thin and on a hot day you could probably just lever the whole anchor out the ground . I would need to cut out a section of tar with the stihl dig a foundation and fill it with grout or concrete .

Like others have said, in concrete you’ll just have to drill holes and knock in the expanding bolts - most ground anchors will come with all the fixings and sometimes even the drill bit. You just need to borrow a hammer drill off somebody. Some anchors fold down when not in use so you can drive over them.

If it’s tarmac and you’re going to be digging a chunk out to put concrete in then I’d consider a y- anchor or similar they have the advantage that they are completely underground and unobtrusive when you’re not using them.

Or if there’s a nearby wall, you could fix into that?

It will need to be a concrete wall . Brick or block is also not strong enough . A sharp crack or 2 with a lump hammer on a fixing in brick or block and out it comes . Concrete or steel is the only thing you can properly fix something to that would pass a load test . Everyting else will crush stretch or crumble .

Thanks guys, unfortunately it is tarmac (as far as I can remember) and I am wanting to go for the Y anchor sort of solution… Found who say they do fittings on websites, now all I need to ask is if they’d do it in Cheltenham :slight_smile:

Had a look at those Y anchors … They will need a hole dug whatever your parking space is made of . So if its tar that will be better and should be cheaper … it’s easier to break up than slab with steel mesh so will take less time .

Find a handyman on Gumtree, £15 an hour generally.

That’s an idea but tbh that could end up in tears on my part knowing how reliable Gumtree ads are! :smiley:

Gonna start making some phone calls this week and hopefully can sort something out! :smiley:

I am due to move to Cheltenham soon and I have a nice selection of tools for the job… if you could pop round to the solicitors & tell them to hurry up with the paperwork so we can exchange, more than happy to help, might be once I have worked out which box has the drill in :smiley: .


If you want someone to do it , Andy has done 3 for me.

Cheers J.C. That was the link I was after, now all I need is to check if he covers that area! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Edit: he doesn’t unless you bulk buy :frowning:

@Goat - paperwork, solicitors?:ermm:

Serrisan So you’ve waited two years getting permission now there’s a rush to get the job done? That’s the sort of “logic” my wife has, and I thought she was a one off.

Fixing down to an asphalt surface is a right pain as you’ll need to go through the topping, the base and sub base and backfill/set in with decent concrete to do a proper job. About 600 mm deep should do the job, 900 mm would be better.

But for what? These things are only deterrents to get the scum bags to move on to easier targets.

You’re better off chaining it through the frame to a tree or a lamp column.

Two years because I initially brought it up as an idea when I bought my first bike… I then brought the subject up when them a few months ago when the bicycles in the building park their bikes along the bike bays meaning I can’t get to something to chain the bike up… Mind you back then I didn’t have the KTM. My GSR really isn’t a bike worth nicking which is why I haven’t really pushed but the KTM is and I’m not taking any chances with it…

There is no tree or lamp column in the carpark I’m afraid and the bicycles haven’t moved in a while… so I need to do something that I can rely on to be there to chain my bike to!

O.K. Now I understand.

I’ll stand by my “these things are only a deterrent” bit so anything is better than nothing but for a proper job your going to need a local small builder and your looking at up to a half days work with, probably, some tool hire costs.

The materials are a fiver (assuming you’ve provided the anchor) it’s the labour that’s going to be the big bit.

Or you could get someone to bolt it down to the asphalt, with security bolts, and hope that’s a big enough deterrent.

I did a half way between job for a friend a couple of years back using 600 mm long resin set bolts. Only took an hour to do and the materials were about £20 from Screwfix.

meake sure u dont hit water mains or elec. could ruin your day… or life :w00t:

Well the company I posted above say £160 fitted (subject to structural survey) so will ring them and see