Bit of a driver are you??????????

holy mother of god, that was amazing, i wish i was in that car. aw, can i not have this sort of experience as a birthday present???!! that’d be soooo cool :slight_smile:

As many times as I see this, it still makes me grin! :smiley:

I’ve got some mad skills in a car, but that bloke puts the best of drivers to shame (even if it is a specially designed/tuned vehicle)… :wink:

sooo…:Whistling: do you know his number? so that i can book to have this guy ( i.e his skills :stuck_out_tongue: ) and that car as my experience treat?! ah just kidding, i’d be sooo cool though, to be a passanger at a track like that

Posted this on my fb wall a while ago, I find the measured 360’s he does on that steep bank awesome… He has fantastic control but half the skill is building the car and setting it up to suit him. His old impreza was stupidly quick!

That’s the new CBT test for Nick n Dave’s proposed revised car driving test …

Did anyone else notice how they’ve changed the emergency stop to doughnuts, parallel parking to handbrake turns and reversing around a corner to burnouts. Then they’ve added that new bit on what to do when both rear tyres blow out, neat.

Was it filmed in a single take?

I know nothing about this driver or the sequence but judging by the tyremarks on the road, there were a lot of “practice runs”. Also I guess a lot of splicing/editing/sound overdubbing has taken place, to make it appear seamless.

He is a good driver but in last years World Rally Championship he found out he wasn’t as good as he thought.

You’re not wrong there!

Hell no! No matter how awesome you are, you can’t do that on a single run.

Oops! thats a big hit:w00t: Massive impact.

I’m not impressed, he touches the wall at 1:24 :wink:

He was crap in Wales to, doesn’t like the rain it seems. Still, I wouldn’t mind a go in that Fiesta! Sounds amazing with that anti lag popping away

That is awesome…I love that crackling engine sound…