Bit of a cause here.

I received an appeal from my father in law, a retired Major in the British Army, so I KNOW it isn’t spam or a con.

I’d like everyone to consider signing the petition I’ve attached.

Here’s the story:

Apparnetly the government would like to build some homes in Headley which would support families of war veterans as those veterans go through therapy and recovery after bing injured or traumatised in the many “fields of duty” Britain is currently engaged in. This is a long and difficult process and any support helps the families and would seem to be a community-spirited thing for people who have given their for their country.

HOWEVER, the local residents of Headley have gone so far as to petition their local council to say they don’t want the complex built near them because…amongst other disgusting reasonsing:

  1. Their multi-million pound house values would be affected.


  1. The presence of this kind of people could increase crime in their area.

This is the kind of DISGUSTING snobbery and greed that is ruining Britain today and I think we should all consider supporting the recovering soldiers and their families.

In case there’s any doubt the excerpt below was from the Daily Mail illustrating the greed and selfishness of this wealthy community.

From the Daily Mail:

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, which has applied to the local council to to make some alterations at the property, including installing a wheelchair ramp, had been hoping for no objections. After all, Headley Court had been part of the area for more than 60 years.

But residents apparently do mind. They have flooded the council with almost 100 letters of protest, raising every conceivable objection to the new property being used to house families visiting soldiers. They claimed ‘additional noise’ and ‘huge amount of additional traffic’ would ruin the peace of the
private lane and warned that the value of their multi-million-pound properties would plummet.

The families ‘would not be welcome’, they said, and their arrival could ‘destroy the character’ of the area. One resident even objected on security grounds, claiming the house could become a terrorist target, while another suggested wheelchairs would present a fire hazard. Planners at Mole Valley District Council will consider the case on August 1 but last night serving soldiers made their views clear.

One Army officer recently returned from Iraq told the Mail:

“They make me sick. It’s just staggeringly selfish. Perhaps these people would care to come out to the field hospital in Basra and tell some young soldier having his leg amputated after a [bomb] attack exactly why his family isn’t worthy to rub shoulders with this bunch in their Surrey village. Who do they think they are? Do they have the slightest clue about the sacrifices-young soldiers make on their behalf every day? Shame on them.”

SSAFA spokesman Athol Hendry said: “These people should be ashamed of themselves. This level of hostility is incredibly disappointing and frankly astonishing. If you’ve just got back from risking your life in Iraq, you’ve lost two legs and you learn your young family are not welcome near the hospital where you’re being treated - what kind of a message is that?”

When the Mail tried to speak to residents, none would be quoted.

Sign the petition and show the government that this sort of greed is NOT what British people are like.

Thank you.


All a bit late really, Planning permission was granted by a vote of 17 - 0 last night

Yes. And with good reason as well. Some of the objections were pathetic

As an army brat myself,both parents in the Army when they met,certainly a worthwhile cause.Done

Went through last night - it was appaling to see some of the grounds on which people objected - a total NIMBY situation - even the planning report said it shouldn’t go ahead - but thankfully common sense prevailed…

Those governmant petitions IMO are a joke. No one listens to them and you get a nice email telling politly thanking you for wasting your time as your government don’t want your opinion. Remeber the road charging one?

Oh and the Nimbys lost, what a shame. My heart bleeds for there multi million pound loss.

If you want to see something done email or write to your MP (if you can go to one of his/her surgeries, they really squirm then) and ask his views on the matter and what he is doing.

Oh the NIMBies, if they have the cash, can take it to judicial review.

Ah well, my bad there folks.
Sorry bout that. Glad to hear its a done deal.

And I’ll be honest Ketana, those petitions clearly aren’t a waste of time. They’re the closest most people will ever get to having their voice heard in government. More than my MP has ever managed to do for me…

Oh you did notice that it say beta test on the right handside?

The wonderful govt giving you the perception of democracy.



I’m utterly utterly disgusted by what I have just read! how the hell can they possibly say things like this!

Would they have said the same back in WWII I think not, they would have been out helping build the houses why should it be any different…


Signed - let’s hope that the prime minister and the deputy prime minister use the planning powers they now have to over-ride a decision if it goes the wrong way.


Think of their property values.

Would a alqueda training camp be safer as there will be more police watching it?

Hey Matt, seems we were both misinformed about time.
Apparently this deal has already gone through and thankfully the council said “Up Yours” to the Nimbys.

Cheers for participating though…

yer I read this at least for once the council has done the right thing…


17 - 0 that is well funny bet the residents faces dropped when they saw the result

All it means is they will find somewhere else to bleet.

Signed realise it was late now, but the thought is still there mate!

Great news dude… good on them.


I think we should have a ride-out to Headley this weekend and get to know the population, and hang out with them a bit.

Now faze one, you sound like a biker after my own heart…

I think we should invent the Healdey Bike Fest, or the Headley Burn Up or something equally as Daily Mail readership friendly…