Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday you load of old f*ckers :smiley:

Joolz (39), dawnie1968 (41), Allthegearnoidea (32), Digger (40)

happy birthday:)

Happy Birthday
To you all

Happy Birthday guys :slight_smile:

happy happy birthday to all of you peeps, have a gud one:D

Wow another busy day on the birthday front.

MHR to you all

Hope you all have a great day.

Happy birthday boys and girls!

Happy Birthday people :smiley:

have a great day xxxx

HBD one and all party hearty

MHR to you all! :slight_smile:

What’s the 40 next to my name mean???

Don’t worry, I’m sure thats just average speed :smiley: Happy Birthday!

Bought myself a large pack of Werther’s Originals. :wink:

Thanks all! Really nice to have seen this as im not around much (if at all) anymore! Happy birthday to the others! x

But, Terry, did you really have to publish my age! Im fighting every sign of ageing, just back from the hairdressers, gone even blonder now to cover the grey!


40 is the new 30! :slight_smile:

No way, I reckon its the MAXIMUM speed !! :D:D

Have a great day guys x

Happy Birthday to the lot of yer!

Happy Birthday to you all:D

Their all older than me!:Whistling:

Happy birthday gang!