Birthday Rideout! 5/7/22

It’s my birthday on Tuesday, so I’m spending it riding bikes again!

I’ve not finished making a plan yet, but meet north London/Hertfordshire in the morning, ride bikes and eat cake, come back. Let me know if you’re interested and ill get some more details together.


Will have to pass, its the only day of the year I’m working :frowning:

It’s become a tradition now, it would be a shame to miss it. Yup, please count me in.

I may be able to join you. I won’t know for sure until the day before.

Have work booked for Tues, otherwise I’d be there.

Happy birthday!

Sorry mate as much as I’d love to but shirt notice so cannot make it this time.

Would love to but working. Enjoy the day.

If you can let me know when and where the ride will finish, I’ll be able to say if I can join you.

So finally have a plan, meet at Toms Cafe near Dunstable at 9 for breakfast. (9:30 if you dont want to eat)

route is about 160 miles, stopping at
Buckingham Railway Center Cafe
Chipping Norton for lunch
Kings Two Wheel Centre (for a photo)
and back to Dunstable Downs for about 5 (but I’m bad at estimating timings)


I would like to come but that would mean skiving work with no notice and I’d get in trouble.

Would have liked to come as it’s my birthday today :smiley: however I was going to be in France but… I tested positive for the dreaded lurgy on Saturday :confused:

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thats a risk im willing to take!

im hoping to get out more this year anyway( though likely to be midweek)

oof, happy bithday and get well soon!

if you able to come, feel free to peel off if you need to partway


New season starts next week, so busy prepping for it. Have a good one!!

As you’ll be in that area about that time, consider:

Oops, sorry @Boris I spoke too soon. I developed a temperature yesterday, didn’t sleep a wink last night and am too wrecked to join you.

Damn, it’s a gorgeous day for it, and a bimble in the Cotswolds is my favourite.

I hope you and your beach-spade have a great day.

Oh no, these things happen.

Should be able to do it another time still, gas!

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I will join you for a couple of hours. See you at 9:15/9:30.

Good day out, thanks, here’s some belated pictures

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Happy days, some nice looking tarmac there

I was the longest day I had out on the toy, clocked up 220 miles. Boris had selected a good route which allowed some really good progress to made in certain areas, and had great rvp planned. He certainly knows how to get on the gas.

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