Birthday celebrations


My birthday’s coming up soon and I’m planning on having a few drinks at a place called EV, a 5 minute walk from Waterloo Stn, on 19th Jan from 7pm onwards.

I’ve not yet booked anything, as I’m trying to gauge interest, so if you’d like to pop by, please feel free. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting there getting merry on my tod. It’s not an open bar, I’m afraid, as bike accidents and the like have left me rather broke this month.

There are quite a few bike bays in the area, as well as secure parking at my work, which is a 2 minute walk away, so feel free to ride over.

PM me with any responses, or stick em down in here

19th I can do - count on me :slight_smile:


Hey babe, I’m in.

Just bear in mind that I have a thing about Tequila when it’s birthday time! Make sure you eat something before you let me wish you a happy birthday

All the best people have birthdays in January you know

We will try and make this one especially if Lustfish is buying the tequila

Would love to come,im just too far away

Make sure you leave the bike at home and bring Debs so she can laugh at you!

Great! The more the merrier Feel free to bring friends and spouses etc, but just let me know for numbers.

They definitely do ****tails, Jackie!

Tequila I can do! Taxi home, methinks…

I paid the price of those tequila’s after the last night out Lusty was involved with - do eat a meal before starting, lol!!

hey hun i will be there, no worries, looking forward to it!!! xx

Good stuff peeps I’ll confirm venue and times etc at the end of next week!

Dont worry bout having something to eat, its ur birthday, you get the worm , I’m coming

Good stuff

Any more takers?

Bit late in day, but i be able to pop along n get you birthday *@@*tail!!

That’s grand, E! It’s not too late at all… not til the 19th Will post details of venue up asap…

Righto, booked some space at a place called EV, near Waterloo Station, just off The Cut, from 7pm on 19th Jan:

The Arches
97-99 Isabella St

Tel: 02076206191 or 02076206192 if you should need it


I know that quite a few bikes park up on the pavement just by EV, but I will do some investigation and post up details of bike bays in the area in the next few days.

Probably travelling via train/tube cos Lustfish is buying the Tequila So can you tell me the name of that tube station by the arrow please Keti

The nearest is Southwark, which is about a minute’s walk away The next would be Waterloo Stn (or Waterloo East)

Just the job - cheers

Damn 19th i’m at work sry

definately looking forward to this one Keti, put me and claire down babe