Binned on BikeSafe but get Certificate

Some of you may know that i binned my beloved last Saturday on a bike safe course.

Got an email this am to say my certificate for the day is in the post!

Excellenteeee.Back of the net

Good stuff mate, hows the commuting goin??? or is ure bike better now?

Good work!

Thanks all.I hated my CBT.The bloke who took me out for the afternoon ride was a bit up his own rse tbh.Fair play to that girl.Sounds like a she’s made of tough stuff.

Got my 4k service on Monday @ Colin Collins.Bike has all the bits ready to be back on road now,just need to finish fitting them.I didn’t mind getting the train in this week…reason being i caught up on all the lb podcasts that i hadnt had time to listen to before

Great stuff, bet you’re glad to off public transport.

YAY nice one tiger!!

Congrats CityCBR

Weaver she sound like a racer in the making