Binned It

Diesel spill on roundabout. Lost front end. Results soon.








Sorry to hear that,take it you’re not hurt!!

Ouch! Bad luck. Diesel spills are just a nightmare.

I’m fine ta. Sore shoulder. Bumps on knee, elbow and heel of hand. Textile gear and gloves did the job.

Hope you’re ok, damage doesn’t look that bad - I think e-bay will be your friend

it is important you are ok!!!


Glad you’re OK, never nice seeing a battered bike, even more so when it’s a Bandit :crying:
As has been said (and I can vouch for that) Ebay will have most of the bits and pieces you need. Most of them are easy to fit too so you should be OK :wink:

glad your ok :slight_smile:

guess who gonna be trawling fleabay then :smiley:

Glad you’re OK, bit of a shock to the system coming off, take it easy for a day or two.

At least bikes can be repaired and you are ok… glad to hear you’ll be back on tarmac soon matey. Take care.

Glad your’e OK.

Diesel spills are all too common.

Bad luck mate, but aleast your alright.

Glad you’re o.k. The Bike will be easily fixed.

Didi you get any information aor take any pictures of the Diesel spill?

Did the police attend…you are probably not thinking about this but somebody is responsible for the Diesel and you could make a claim.

Nightmare. Glad you’re ok.

Sorry to see that mate :pinch:

while on ebay, look for some crash pads as well :wink: hope you’re back otr in notime.

I don’t want to be back on tarmac too soon;) Hope to keep the tyres on it.

I’m sore as you like today. Walking around like I’m 90. Ebay is being hit and I can get all the mechanical stuff. Just will take longer to get the cosmetics.

Thanks for all your messages.

FYI - I informed Highways. A panda stopped to see I was O.K. as I had a little lie down in the sun but no formal report. Not that bothered. Just part of life.

Unlucky mate… :pinch:

+1 on the idea of getting some crash bung’s! :wink:

Hope you start feeling better soon mucker… :smiley:


Sorry about the off Frix - it’s a real bummer - coming off on diesel is the type of thing that could (and will unfortunately) happen to any one of us. We all have/will have a first time off - then we go and buy crash bungs!:smiley: Hope the aches and pains subside - i’m sure you’ll get the Bandit back to A1 as soon as :wink:

Bugger!!! I hate spill’s. Hope u get it all fixed soon.:wink: