Binned it on BikeSafe

Hi All,

I had planned the other day to do a report on BikeSafe @ The Warren in Kent however i had a shocker today.I was riding with Neil(Bike Officer)and Ben fellow BikeSafe trainee.

We had a decent start to the day @ The Warren and then had a very wet ride out till about 12ish.

Then we had a really decent lunch in a cafe put on by BikeSafe.The weather improved a little and so we upped the pace a touch.The A roads round that way are decent and i’m sure if the weather was better we would have had a really good ride out.

I still pushed on a few corners and was feeling good about the whole thing.Ben was on point and Neil in middle me at back.Came up to a fairly villagy area and there was a blind right 30 mph turn.As i turned in there was Neil on his brakes about 35 yards ahead of me.Natural reaction is to get on the back brake(even though it was wet going thru corner i had to brake)and what do you know i’m sliding on the floor watching my bike sliding along behind me.Gutted.Found a piece of glass the size of a £2 coin in my front tyre and it’s the only reason i can think of as to why i came off so easily

Anyway the right side of bike is still A1 mint condition but left side is not so good.Rear tail end is badly scratched up and need new indicator/front tyre/foot peg clip on (cracked off) and one new R&G bung.Double bubble is scratched up n all but i have my original one.There’s also a crack in my front fairing by headlight.

All i can say is R&G’s and Motrax top block protectors work a treat.Also Alpine Stars leathers and boots (both less than 1 week old)do work.

The Bike Safe team were very helpful once i had come off too so they get the thumbs up.I am still gutted though

had a thought after you called, we not open tomorrow… come in next week and i’ll get an estimate for you (hopefully can sort out some sort of deal for ya… also we use a paintworks place that are absolutely first class, and relativley cheap!!)

Ouch, that is not good news! I had Neil as well about 3 weeks ago. He is a grand rider and gave good pointers. Sorry to hear that you binned it on the BikeSafe course, but it happens anyhow. At least you are okay and the crash bungs did help limit damage a bit. HOpe you are able to get things sorted soon.

Closed tomoz.

Ok boss call you during week(if i havent done a botch job myself by then).

Yea,Neil was a decent bloke,said he would give me a call tomorrow.Hopefully to tell me that i still get a certificate for the course

sorry for you fella.

thats class thought “i bined it on bikesafe”

hope you and bike are ok

As i said on the phone mate glad ure ok if u need anything give us a shout

Eek, unlucky CityCBR! Sounds pretty random to me, but as with any get-off, it’s very important you properly understand why you came off, otherwise you might end up guessing and develop a fear. All the best fixing the bike up! Glad you had your gear on!

**** mate sorry to hear and glad you are about to tell the tale, I went to do the Bikesafe Friday. Got a call about a week ago and was asked if I could do it on the 11th, so off I go to the warren, when there they ask my name. Then he tells me I am not on the list, check the paperwork they sent me and it states the 12th.

Thanks all.This one was down to glass so not my fault.I booked to do it @ The Ace but got a call saying that was fully booked but there was a cancellation today due to some poor bloke having his bike pinched.

Therefore i blame those thieving bar stewards who stole that blokes bike and whoever had the complacency to leave glass in my path.

That’s really bad luck, but I’m glad you are in one piece.
I wonder if the chap that had his bike stolen was Aaron from this site?

Sorry about the off man I know how you must feel, glad your okay bike will be back to normal before you know it

ah thats bad matey, really feel for ya. Hope your ok,

The state of the roads is shocking if the glass was from a car crash at that site you may be able to make claim against the council (but only if the police knew of a crash there) the council and or the highways agency do have a clear up duty (which they re charge to the responsible motorists!!).

Glad your OK and look forward to seing the bike on the road again.

When I did Bikesafe some years ago in Warwickshire, a bloke came off and he broke his collarbone and some ribs. Bike was badly damaged.

His off was nothing to do with Bikesafe but the ******* said he was going to sue the team.

Don’t know what the outcome was, but I know that other bikers on the course thought he was a twat for saying that he would sue.

oh no,

sorry to hear that… if any consolation i nearly binned it as well over a slippery manhole cover on the bikesafe at warren as well…

but you still here to tell the tale!!!

Yup , still here

The worst thing that has come out of my spill is i’m back on public transport for a week

there was a bloke who did it a couple of years ago who smashed into the back of the pan he was following… when they were both stationary at a junction

(had clutch out in neutral sat at junction and rested foot a little too heavily on gearshifter knocking it into first)

Jeez Dai! Hope you are ok!

The Warren is a Mare, I grew up a couple of miles down the road from there, and was planning on doing a bikesafe, though I think doing it on unfamilliar roads may be beneficial, as you wont know instinctively where to look for traffic and the condiditions of the roads etc.

Harsh Mate although I am glad you are OK. Bikes are easy to fix, bodies take a bit more time.