Binned bike at Brands Hatch - 19th May

I was planning on spending the weekend at Snetterton but I binned my bike at Brands Hatch today and broke my collar bone. The bikes a mess too.

I had both Saturday & Sunday booked but obviously cant do any of these now… If anyone is interested in buying the places PM me.


get better soon mate!!

Cheers mate, its going to take a while but I’ll be out there soon!


Get well soon.

Sorry to hear this hope you mend quickly , where how did it happen?

Get well soon man!

Get well soon dude, would have jumped at the chance, but I’m also out!!!

Go and see this guy - well known in the bike racing paddock as The Bone Healer.

Get well soon :slight_smile:

Get well soon mate. Was looking forward to seeing you and your family at Snetterton…

get well soon dude:)

Thanks everyone… the pain has kicked in today but resting plenty to get back on the bike and track.

So are you gonna tell us what happened?

Allan’s right, let’s hear about it.

Get well soon fella:cool:

I can’t believe Afro hasn’t asked you what tyres you had on!!!;):P:D:D:D

I can’t believe you haven’t asked about whether he had rim tape on his wheels or what colour they were? :hehe:

I had Pirelli Corsa III tyres on without rim tape…lol

Bearing in mind I am right handed but only using my left at the moment, my wife has been updating this for me so sorry for the late reply.

4th session of the day (last lap before lunch) coming out of Dreweds, opened the throttle on the exit, foot and peg scrapped on the floor causing me to go off line, went onto the grass, front wheel went and so did I… I landed on my shoulder which is where the broken collar bone and torn tendants happened… So annoyed its only the beginning of the season, had 20 track days planned… hoping for a speedy recover to get back out there ASAP!

A classic rim tape accident.

Mid corner your bike realised it looked Uber gay and threw itself on the ground.


Sounds like jsut run out of ground clearance and got spooked when you grounded out. Bad luck fella - I hope you heel fully and quickly.

More hang off next time.

typical Jap bike accident - bike freaked out at having to turn a corner and bailed. Not unheard of, especially when there’s a BFO Ducati or little supermoto coming up fast :smiley:

Seriously, hope it all mends sooner.

DANG :w00t:

Were you riding Supermoto style?

Unlucky dude…Hope you recover quickly.